Sunday web overview

Here’s an overview of some interesting web resources I’ve found recently:

  • First of all, I’ve found a great question on StackOverflow that outlines stages of mastering Haskell. According to it I’m somewhere in the beginner level.
  • I’ve encountered many interesting pages in the Haskell Wiki.
    • First of all, there is a great FAQ. I wish I found it earlier, it would save me a lot of time and effort and other’s effort as well, since I was asking some of these questions on #haskell channel.
    • There is a very short and nice introduction to I/O in Haskell. I’m already beyond that point in my Haskell education, but earlier it would have been useful.
    • A more in-depth tutorial called IO Inside. I’ve read some parts of it to clarify information from Real World Haskell.
    • A list of research papers about Haskell.
    • Tutorial on how to maintain laziness in Haskell.
    • A discussion of Monomorphism Restriction. I tried to read Haskell 2010 report to understand why the restriction exists, but I didn’t understand a thing.


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