August web overview

Here’s another quick overview of interesting links I found on the web:

  • I consider design patterns to be one of the most important skill when programming in object-oriented languages. When I started with Haskell I started asking myself what are the design patterns in functional programming? It seems that I’ve found an answer: a blog written by Jeremy Gibbons. While it seems to be inactive for many months now, the good news is that professor Gibbons is preparing a book on Patterns in Functional Programming.
  • Speaking of patterns, here’s a short presentation on Haskell Performance Patterns.
  • A while ago I posted a link to thread on Stack Overflow about stages of learning Haskell. If that’s not enough to measure your progress then “The Evolution of a Haskell Programmer” might be more helpful.
  • An event called “Haskell eXchange” will be held in London on October 10th. There will be talks given by Simon Peyton Jones and Simon Marlow. Here’s more info if you’re interested.
  • In November 2011 id Software released source code of Doom 3. While I’m always interested in such stuff, I find it a bit to difficult to dig into the code on my own. Luckily, there’s a good overview of the source code available. Now it’s much easier to benefit from knowledge and experience of id Software.

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