My name is Jan Stolarek. I’m a post-doc researcher at Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. My early research concentrated on wavelets and digital image processing, but after defending my PhD thesis I focused on functional programming. I am interested mostly in strongly-typed languages like Haskell and dependently-typed languages like Coq or Agda. Visit my homepage to find out more.

If you want to contact me please send an email to jan.stolarek [the-you-know-what-sign] ed.ac.uk


All information presented on this blog represent my current understanding of various things and concepts. Working as a scientists I learned that my understanding may not be entirely correct at first, but evolves over time and eventually becomes more accurate. That said, if you find any errors, misconceptions and alike please let me know either by email or by leaving a comment.

Comment Policy

About 99,98% of comments on my blog are posted by spam bots. Seriously, that’s not a made-up statistic. That’s why I’m using captchas and a spam filter. I know that captchas are a bit annoying, but please bare with them. Every comment that makes it through the captcha is checked by spam filter. Finally it has to be moderated by me, unless you already posted a comment that was approved. If your comment does not appear and you suspect that it might have been caught by the spam filter – which actually happens from time to time – please email me.


You may use knowledge from this blog in any way you like. You may freely quote my words, but please remember to give a credit when credit is due. You may not reproduce any parts of my posts for commercial purposes without my permission.

Scripts and cookies

I’m using StatCounter JavaScripts to gather statistics about visits on my page. This also includes using cookies. If you’re not comfortable with that you can block scripts with AdBlock and cookies with your browser’s settings. If you see “visits so far” without any number in the column on the right this means that something is already blocking the script that counts the number of visits.

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